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Naaz Aesthetics may use cookies to help improve user satisfaction by customizing your experience. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies corresponding with the terms outlined in our policy.

Naaz Aesthetics fulfils the right to make any amendments to their cookie policy without notice at any point in time irrespective of reason. In the event of a change occurring to our cookie policy, the ‘Last Updated’ date will be subsequently updated to keep in line with any changes and to simultaneously function in notifying you. The responsibility thus lies with you to keep yourself informed about any changes that our cookie policy may be subject to.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are HTTP files which store data on your computer as you browse a particular website. It records your activity on our website and helps us know if you have visited prior. Consequently, we can tailor what you see to account for the fact that you have visited previously.

Type of Cookies
Naaz Aesthetics uses session cookies (temporary cookies) which only strictly obtains information as you interact with the website. It helps distinguish between different users and records your activity as you navigate through the website. Once you exit the browser, the cookies are immediately and automatically deleted by the web browser.

Control of Cookies
You retain the right to accept or reject cookies using your browser settings. However, in rejecting cookies you could potentially hinder the sites functionality.

Privacy Policy
Please refer to our privacy policy for further information regarding how we store and process your personal data.

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